IT executives face many new challenges in today’s technology driven industry. They are tasked with creating new business efficiencies, keeping their data secure, modernizing their data centers, and dealing with new demands to create business level insights from their data. For the most part, this is nothing new. However, the number of risks that need factored into IT directional strategies has increased exponentially. One example of that is the consideration for moving applications and data to the cloud. Deciding on what to move to the cloud can be an exhaustive exercise in futility without trusted guidance.

To address the increasingly complex demands IT Executives require industry leading reliability, availability, flexibility, and performance from their private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. IBM Power Systems are architected to deliver industry-leading results in each of these critical areas. IBM Power Systems, when combined with PowerVC, offer an OpenStack based cloud management solution to speed up and simplify deployments. Deciding to deploy private and cloud infrastructures on IBM Power is perhaps the easiest decision companies are facing