Most customers have not made the jump from SAP ERP Suite to HANA or S/4 HANA, how do they get there? What if HANA does not provide the expected business value and reverting back to ERP Suite is desired? Suite still has a nine-year lifespan and is supported until 2025 so when should a customer

make the leap?  SAP customers running on IBM’s AIX or iOS have a distinct advantage to help them along this decision path.

IBM POWER8 based Power Systems provided the memory bandwidth needed by HANA and SAP supports up to 4 Production HANA VMs running on POWER8 Enterprise systems whereas only 1 HANA Production VM is supported on Intel.  With POWER8, customers can run existing SAP on AIX or iOS VMs while running test or Production HANA VMs on the same system!  This allows the complete jump to HANA at their convenience and on the same Power Systems server!

Now that certainly lowers a TCO and makes the most use of server assets! Even the recent Xeon E5 2600 v4 processors do not come close to the 2-year-old POWER8 technology in memory bandwidth needed to drive HANA and other memory intensive analytic applications. HANA still does not even support VMware V6 for Production and V6 has been out well over a year!  What’s up with that?

Our seasoned Power Systems Team will work with customers and the IBM-SAP Team to size appropriate Power Systems solutions for SAP HANA as well as advise on a migration plan along with our SAP partners. Our Storage Team is also part of the SAP solution design needed to meet the TDI certification required by SAP for HANA support.

Download IDC’s Whitepaper on SAP Hana