The EVOLATE Exploration Challenge

The EXPLORATION CHALLENGE is the premier offering of the EVOLATE Network. It’s an outcome focused and low-risk approach for clients to examine the potential of emerging technology and services to create real value.  It’s the easiest way to tap into some of the leading minds in emerging technology to tackle your challenge.  It’s really quite simple:

First, we document your issue.  Our engagement managers work with you to identify the target outcome, success measures and constraints surrounding your business challenge.  We then create an anonymized “exploration challenge” and provide it to our Network Members.

Then we challenge the Network.  Our pre-vetted Members are prepared to offer direct guidance – either individually or in solution guilds – at no charge on how they might tackle your initiatives with emerging technologies and services.  Experts review the challenge and prepare structured responses – “exploration concepts” – which our client can review at leisure without vendor interference.  B

Finally, we help you evaluate new concepts.  At the end of the Challenge period, clients have the opportunity to prioritize and select those Exploration Concepts they wish to pursue further. Our Engagement team invites the relevant Network Members to present their idea in more depth at either your location or at our offices. Exploration Concepts are priced in line with your budget expectations so its easy for you to identify how to proceed.

A member struggling with downtime on its packaging system posed a challenge to the Network.  A guild of partners recommended retrofitting a line with image capture and vibration sensors to provide information helpful in optimizing performance.

Think about it a little like “shark tank” for your business outcome. You decide what to invest in, and the Members are up to the task!

Explorations are designed to help you drive outcomes in your operational execution.  Leading thinkers from rapidly growing firms offer perspectives which help you leverage:

  • New Data – Use technology to capture and create data that’s not been seen before
  • New Techniques – Use technology to process and leverage data in new ways
  • New Approaches – Use technology to tackle problems in new ways, optimizing human and machine behavior to improve outcome

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Working with our rich network of Member Partners, SIS has created the EVOLATE™  ESCAPE EXPERIENCE.   Emerging Solutions Coaching and Professional Education is a mentoring program optimized for onboard professionals at companies looking to “get smart” on the potential of new technologies – and new approaches – to create industry value with data.  Led by experienced practitioners, ESCAPE exposes small work teams to the concepts surrounding emerging technologies and methodologies like:

  •  - Advanced and Predictive Analytics
  •  - Data Management and Security
  •  - Machine Learning
  •  - Image Recognition
  •  - Internet of Things
  •  - Edge Processing & Distributed Systems
  •  - Blockchain
  •  - Servitization
  •  - LEAN
  •  - Digital Disruption

ESCAPE is more than just technology education – real world applications of complex technologies are done from a hands-on “business first” point of view.  Expert facilitators explore with work teams aspects of industry specific applications – from predictive maintenance in industrial applications to call center optimization in services industries, to smart building management in healthcare.  Participants experience the application of industry proven methodologies which they “make their own” by applying them to their challenges.

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Integrated Solution Hosting and Hybrid Platform Management

SIS knows from experience that making a transition from traditional enterprise systems to innovative and emerging technologies means a new way of thinking about systems management.  Mastering complex hybrid cloud solutions is often beyond the in-house skills of many I.T. organizations.

SIS Emerging Solutions & Services offers robust integrated solution hosting to help you get your new initiative off the ground fast.  From provisioning the right hardware configuration in our own data centers, to designing an end-to-end infrastructure which blends your own capabilities with public cloud, SIS can provide full service bare metal to container configuration for your new initiatives.  We also offer Edge device management in conjunction with your distributed IoT projects leveraging our Partner’s capabilities.

Our hosting capabilities include available ongoing management of our EVOLATE Network members’ emerging solutions.  Following an Exploration Challenge, clients can “throw a switch” and move their solutions to production faster than starting from scratch.

Edge to Cloud IoT

“Learn how one of our Partner Members supports Edge to Cloud IoT implementations”

EVOLATE Network Ecosystem as a Service

Going alone as a developer of emerging technology is tough.  Promising Angel, Series A and Series B startups struggle to scale because they can’t develop channels fast enough to expand at the pace required to hit profitability targets.  Establishing a collaborative partner program which attracts systems integrators, resellers, and potential OEM partners is a long process – and one few can afford to invest in adequately to develop their business.

The EVOLATE Network is a technology enabled Ecosystem as a Service.  Partner Members collaborate in a rich online portal, and align together to create integrated solutions focused on client outcomes.  Members gain access to our network of agents, comprising independent system integrators, industry methodology specialists (e.g. LEAN, Six Sigma) and sales/marketing firms.  We offer our members:

  •  - Regular access to collaborative industry events in conjunction with major platform marketing activities
  •  - Technology advice from expert architects
  •  - Go to market strategy services
  •  - Pricing and packaging analysis

If you are an emerging technology developer, we would love to talk to you about how the EVOLATE Network’s Ecosystem as a Service can help you accelerate your success.

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