Technology changes grab the headlines and drive conversation at the dinner table.  From innovations in medical systems to the latest consumer gadget, we marvel at the promises of new inventions.  Leading technology analyst firms release regular detailed forecasts of emerging technologies, often the basis for venture capital allocations and angel investments.  But with 89% of companies either increasing or maintaining their I.T. spend from 2018 to 2019, are industry decision makers buying into the hype?

Research suggests no.

Except for the very largest companies, the preponderance of I.T. spending in North America is on traditional infrastructure – from old servers to desktop computers.  Even cloud spending is focused on the mundane, with more than one third of cloud budgets allocated to online backup, email and basic productivity tools.

At SIS we recognize that our clients are wary of emerging technologies.  With so many other priorities, finding and vetting practical applications of new trends is both risky and time consuming.  Our clients need a better way.

Too much for One Genius

The potential for emerging technologies like IoT, analytics and AI, blockchain… the opportunities are endless to improve business outcome.  In the early days of technologies like business intelligence, a moderate size ($1 billion USD) business could invest in one or maybe two experts and build a center of excellence to apply the technology to real world problems. The pace of innovation has inexorably advanced as Moore’s Law has increased the power of advanced compute technologies.  Business can no longer presume to have a central and self-sufficient center of excellence equipped to explore and apply vital emerging solution technologies.

Independent research on industry transformation shows that the most successful companies collaborate extensively with an ecosystem of trusted partners.  From strategic planning, to ideation, implementation, and ongoing support – the businesses with the highest returns engage partners throughout the innovation lifecycle.

Unfortunately, building a trusted network of partners is hard work.  Partner identification, legal frameworks, cultural integration, collaborative process design – building an ecosystem is a full time job.  SIS is committed to providing agile thinking to our clients and access to emerging hardware, software and services which can improve outcomes in new innovative ways.

The EVOLATE Network

SIS has worked with many clients who are intrigued by the opportunity presented by emerging technologies like the Internet of Things and Analytics... but many are worried that the hype around the technology is too good to be true. They’ve seen trends come and go, and been burned before with bottomless investments and never ending proofs of concept. Most realize they can’t afford to hire all the experts needed to tackle a significant issue.

The EVOLATE Network is a pre-vetted ecosystem of technology vendors and services partners aligned to a common approach for solving and tackling client challenges.  From IoT and Analytics, to security and blockchain, to edge device and machine vision, our Network of pre-vetted experts come together to tackle your toughest challenges. It’s an Ecosystem as a Service, focused on your outcome and in your control!

This unique, ecosystem of vendors and services partners uses a collaborative peer-to-peer portal to apply their skills to our clients’ challenges.  They develop concepts focused in domains including:

  •  - Advanced Analytics
  •  - Internet of Things
  •  - Blockchain
  •  - Edge computing
  •  - Stream processing
  •  - Machine Vision
  •  - Data masking
  •  - Security

Many think the answer to their ecosystem problem is to center solely on the feedback of their platform vendor partners. As one of the largest resellers of public cloud and on-premise technology, SIS knows that platform vendors have a lot to offer.  But we believe that for industry leaders to truly set themselves apart, advice from emerging players rounds out the perspectives of the major vendors, often highlighting opportunities not explored by many.  - Meet our Partners

Meet Our Network of Partners

Success will come when working with the right partner, meet our partners now!

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