February 20, 2017 written by Steve Sigg
We are excited to share how we are thinking about today’s (and tomorrow’s) datacenter technologies.  From on-prem solutions to cloud and managed services, we continue to be fascinated by the endless innovation in the market and work every day to join our customers’ business improvement journeys.

At its core, SIS is a technology solutions and services company, collaborating with customers on innovative data center strategy, technology and application solutions in the cloud or on-prem to help  optimize enterprise IT and unlock the potential of the cloud.

Staying relevant is key to working with our customers and helping them solve their business problems.  We are constantly improving on SIS to make certain that we are providing value to our customers’ business planning processes.  Helping them keep abreast of market trends, new product offerings and navigating the technology landscape.

Our new website is just one example of how we are engaging with our customers to help support their business.  We also recently completed  some organizational alignment to adjust to the On-Prem, Off-Prem and Hybrid solution delivery through the investment in outstanding talent to support the services that we deliver.

We thank our customers and partners that have made us successful over the years and welcome new visitors to the site with the hope that we have the opportunity to be a part of your digital transformation.