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Feet on the Ground or Head in the Cloud?

How to decide whether a Cloud based or On Site based solution is right for you and your business. This post was written by Jennifer Snoddy who is a SharePoint Consultant in SIS’ Microsoft Solutions Practice. As a kid listening to the radio and the classic America’s Top 40 countdown show, I always remembered the […]

Move beyond SQL Server 2008R2!

This post was written by Nick Loghides who is a Data Platform Architect in our Microsoft Solutions Practice. Why should your company move beyond SQL Server 2008R2? There are so many reasons that I’m intending to do a whole series of blogs to cover them. But the first and primary reason is this: Mainstream Support […]

Could You REALLY Recover From a Disaster?

Recently, we helped a customer of ours with a back-up situation and thought it might be beneficial to other for us to share the details.  For companies who have IT, but are in alternate industries where IT isn’t their focus, they often resort to placing a lot of trust in the vendors who sell them […]

Considering Moving to the Cloud? Here’s what you need to know.

IT is an industry where hype often generates action. The Cloud is and has been one of the more popular topics in tech for the last several years and so it makes sense that we’re seeing more and more companies investigating how they can utilize it. Of course, a lot of the hype is coming […]

Cloud Data Security: 6 Things Companies Can Do

Cloud storage is readily-accessible and convenient technology that gives access to data anywhere. With that convenience, however, comes risk. Companies who utilize the cloud to store their data need to make sure they are doing all they can to secure it. And cloud data security isn’t just only about technology. It’s also about managing the […]