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New SIS Overview Video

We’ve been working on creating some new SIS corporate videos highlighting our company as well as a couple of our key areas. Today, I’d like to share with your our new SIS Overview. We think it really demonstrates the great company that SIS is, as well as our deep technical competencies and expertise across many […]

What is a Linear Tape File System (LTFS) and can I take advantage of it?

Today’s post was written by Jeremy Brovage who is a Backup, Recovery and Archiving Architect in SIS’ Infrastructure Brand Solutions practice. Linear Tape File System is a new standard that’s been introduced with LTO5 and continues with LTO6 Tape technology.  It is a file system that is designed to leverage tape media as the storage area.  This […]

When Do Scale-out NAS Architectures Make Sense…

Traditionally, scale-out NAS deployments have been limited to large enterprise customers with the need for 100s of terabytes or even petabytes of storage and could contain 100s of millions of objects, perhaps even billions, all sharing a common name space. IBM was really the first to think about large file systems and started developing GPFS […]

SSD Explained

SSD Explained I’ve had lots of conversations about SSD/Flash over the last few weeks. I understand the confusion around SSD drive types, and thought I would take a minute to explain the landscape. This blog is going to get nerdy, so be prepared! History: Flash started in the 80s with NOR-based flash. The purpose of […]

What is a Typical Storage Array Lifespan?

At times, we get customers asking about storage technology lifespan. The answer to this question is usually “it depends”, but is hinged to the supportability of the underlying disk drive in almost every case. Typically, support costs dictate storage array lifespans. Let’s dig into this idea a bit. Most storage manufacturers include 3 years of […]